Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What A Let Down!

Warning:  This is a ranting post about the finale of The Bachelor on Monday night.  If your smarter than me, I, whatever, and don't get involved in such nonsense, you'll want to skip this.

Did you watch?  Most of you are probably much more well adjusted, and doing much more important things on Monday nights rather than watching T.V.; but not me.  Nope.  I got sucked into The Bachelor again!!  I'm so weak.  And I'm also so confused!  Really? Vienna?  Blech.  Should have seen this coming with all of the contention that seemed to surround her, but I didn't.  I thought Tenley had this thing wrapped up!  She couldn't have been more perfect for Jake (except for bringing up the ex-husband to anyone who would listen).  She was so happy, smart, adventurous, honest, and so pretty!!  His whole family loved her!  Heck, they all even cried together!  They're my kind of people!  And then it happened.  Vienna came in, and everyone went "Ick."  However, they all slowly turned as the evening went on, and ultimately decided she was just misunderstood.  Whatever.  Jake's off his rocker!

To make things worse, The Final Rose (or something like that) aired right after.  There was Tenley looking as cute as ever, being just as wonderful as she was when he rejected her (for NO REASON he can put his finger on).  She asked a few questions he still couldn't answer, and she wished him well in his future with Vienna.  He'll need it.  Then Vienna came out for their first time in public.  They hugged and kissed, then Jeffery Osbourne (I think) sang the theme song from the show, "On The Wings of Love."  The lights went down, they danced, made out, and he overly exaggerated the words, 'I love you' so the camera would be sure to pick it up.  Ugh!!  Lastly, Ali was named as the new Bachelorette.  Not excited, but I'm sure I'll watch.  Hmm...I think I need to get out more!



Tammy said...

If you need to get out more comeon over becasue I am sure I will be watching it too! :) Stupid show! Nice write up, you did good!

amber said...

That is hularious, and NO, NO,and NO defently not going to watch the next season.