Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes...I'm still here!

Holy cow, it seems life goes by, and you try to keep up with everything everyday, but somehow some things get overlooked.  For the most part, I started this blog to have a place to post all of my creations, but even the creations haven't been coming lately.  Life is just BUSY!  We've been on a fabulous get away to St. George to see my Mom and my step-dad Ken.  They have a beautiful home there that they are living in until about the beginning of May.  It was so nice to get away from the cold and snow for a while.  It was warm and extremely pleasant.  Mika had to stay home because of her work and class schedule, but we kept in constant contact.  She says she was homesick for all of us.  What a surprise!  But it was good to hear.  Brian and Gage spent a lot of time with Ken fishing, and Gage "landed" a few fish to bring home to Deej (my Mom).  While the men did their thing, I had a rare opportunity to just "be" with my Mom.  This is the kind of stuff I long for.  She's never lived here since I turned 18, and I so miss just getting to do things with her.  We are going to try and make the most of their time in St. George.  I would like to try and visit about once a month while they are here.  She and I saw a movie that was hilarious (It's Complicated).  I probably would have never seen it with Bry.  We shopped for groceries together, shopped the craft stores, some outlet stores, had lunch, etc.  All without Gage!  That never happens.  All in all it was a great trip.

Hopefully I will be able to post some of my "stuff" later.  I'm going to a friend's house tonight to make some cards and perhaps some layouts.  Posting is still very new to me, but I'm trying to learn.

Tomorrow is the superbowl and we're staying home to watch it as a family.  It'll be a fun day with lots of snacks and family time.  Bry and I are hoping that the Saints win.  I think.  Wait...are they even playing?'ll be fun anyway!


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Tammy said...

You are so great. I am so glad that you came over even if we didn't get much accomplished. It was fun to hang out and visit! We need to do it again soon. Love ya my friend!